Employment Law

Employment Law Attorney Protecting Workers Against Mistreatment

You may have thought you found your dream job, only to have a manager make unwanted sexual advances or make racially charged comments forcing you to have to quit when your complaints about the unwanted conduct went unanswered.

Perhaps you have spent years loyally toiling for your employer only to be rewarded by being terminated out of the blue and having a younger worker hired in your place.

Perhaps you were recently overjoyed to find that you were having your first child, but after sharing the news with your manager and co-workers, you suddenly found management's treatment of you changed in spite of your continued good performance and efforts and that your co-workers received more favorable treatment.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, then you should speak to a lawyer who has experience in handling employment discrimination and retaliation cases.

When you are discriminated against in the workplace, or are retaliated against for voicing your concerns, choose a lawyer who will aggressively stand up for your rights.

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