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Episode 3 - Meet Attorney Jonathan Armiger

Episode 3: Today, Indianapolis-area personal injury attorney, Jonathan Armiger discusses his background and the cases he pursues on behalf of his clients. He’s an attorney with Barsumian Injury Law, which serves clients in Indiana and Kentucky. Jonathan is licensed to practice law in Indiana.

Jonathan grew up in the Fishers area and attended Indiana University for his undergraduate business degree and later earned his law school degree from IU in 2011. He primarily focuses primarily on personal injury and medical malpractice cases. He worked for other law firms, operated his own law firm for several years and then joined Todd Barsumian in 2018. Jonathan's office is located in Fishers, Indiana.

What Types of Cases to You Handle?

As an Indiana personal injury attorney, Jonathan Armiger handles cases across the state. He’s recovered millions of dollars for my clients. He handle car accident cases to complex medical malpractice cases involving birth injury, brain injury and wrongful death claims.

Why Did You Decide to Focus on Injury Cases?

During law school, Jonathan worked for a personal injury firm and found the work extremely interesting. He loves what he does. Now, when he’s working on a case for an individual or a family to recover compensation for them gives him a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

How Can You Help an Injured Client?

There are several ways Jonathan can help. The most obvious is by seeking financial compensation through the legal system. Another important factor is being able to use the process to get accountability for the negligence, which caused the injury and loss, on behalf of his client. As an attorney, Jonathan can also use the case to try to ensure the same type of negligence doesn’t happen to someone else.

Jonathan acts as a guide and advocate for his clients. The legal process can be overwhelming for people. It’s unfamiliar for most. The injury, pain and loss experienced by the client and his/her family can be intimidating. He works hard to walk with them as the case proceeds.

How Long Does a Medical Malpractice Case Take?

People often think an injury case can be resolved in a few weeks or months. A medical malpractice claim can take 3-6 years, depending upon the complexity of the situation and the facts of the case. Jonathan works hard to keep clients up to date as the case works through the system. Good communication is a vital aspect to serving his clients.

What Do You Do When a Person Contacts You for the First Time?

Sometimes the person calling has suffered a recent injury or loss. At other times, it may have been several months since the injury occurred. Jonathan stresses the need for the person to focus on themselves and their family. He reassures them that if he is hired to represent them, he’ll handle the legal process. He takes time to answer the questions they have to help them get a better sense of the situation. He tries to make the process understandable and as easy as possible. He understands this is a very difficult situation for the client.

While our legal system provides an opportunity for victims to pursue financial compensation for the damages they incurred, most people would prefer that they weren’t having to deal with this circumstance. They wish their spouse or loved one was still with them. They would prefer to not have to deal with a permanent impairment every day. Many would like to be able to go back to providing for themselves and their families.

Jonathan is proactive in setting the proper expectations and maintaining a level of communication with the client so he/she feels comfortable with the way the case is proceeding and understands why certain actions are being taken on their behalf. Again, he is there to advocate for them and to help them through this complex, legal process.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Barsumian Injury Law?

Barsumian Injury Law’s attorneys provide a free consultation. The firm handles cases on a contingency fee basis, advancing case expenses. This means there are no upfront costs involved in hiring the firm to represent you. The firm only gets paid if at the conclusion, it makes a recovery on their client’s behalf, receiving a percentage of the gross recovery. Clients are required to reimburse related court costs and case expenses (such as expert witness fees, deposition expenses, travel costs, etc.). The firm advances the reasonable litigation expenses necessary to effectively pursue the case. However, if there’s no settlement or jury award, the firm absorbs those costs.

Barsumian Injury Law’s main office is in Newburgh. The firm has an office in Evansville and a separate office in Fishers, outside of Indianapolis. Jonathan Armiger is licensed in Indiana and Todd Barsumian is licensed in both Indiana and Kentucky.

Want More Information?

You can visit The firm also has an active Facebook page. The firm's principal office is located at 5455 Old Indiana 261, Newburgh, IN 47630. Co-host Jim Ray is a non-attorney spokesperson. Services may be provided by another attorney in the firm. This podcast is for informational purposes only, does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to establish standards of legal practice, and does not establish an attorney-client relationship with the listener. This is an advertisement (i.e. marketing material). If you were injured in Kentucky or Indiana, you can contact the firm at (844) 268-7775.

Client Reviews
He went beyond the scope to investigate certain details that ended up being crucial, that had been missed by all others who had worked on this case prior. It is not possible to give a high enough commendation to him. We could not have asked for more capable hands to be in. If a reason to need counsel presents itself in the future, we will have to look no further than his office. If you are reading this review, you have found your lawyer! Shelie
Todd worked on a personal injury case for my family, walking us through all the legal jargon and process. We were very worried about everything, and his personal style and professionalism helped us through an extremely difficult time. Todd's integrity is beyond reproach. Anonymous
Todd is an amazing attorney and an even better person. He went above and beyond to help us win our case. We had obstacle after obstacle and he never slowed down in working for us! There is no question, if we never needed an attorney again, he will be our go to guy!! Kayla