Almost $3 million paid in premises liability claims for dog bites

Many residents of Southwestern Indiana are animal lovers and naturally want to pet dogs that they come across. Unfortunately, some dogs bite people, and dog bites can cause severe physical wounds. In many cases, the victims are left with not only physical scars, but the event could cause emotional trauma as well. A sad fact is that children are often the victims of dog attacks. In many cases, dog owners face premises liability claims after such attacks.

During the National Dog Bite Prevention Week last month, it was reported that in excess of 4.5 million people nationwide suffer dog bites every year. In 2014, Indiana was at number 13 on the country’s list of dog attacks per state. During that week, the American Veterinary Medical Association in collaboration with an insurance company educated children and adults about the prevention of dog bite injuries.

The insurance company that was involved in the education project reported that it paid just under $3 million in claims for dog bite injuries in 2014. An Animal Control Officer says a lot can be revealed by the body language of dogs. Dogs with their tails lowered must not be approached. Also, bristled hair on a dog’s back is a sure sign of danger, and such a dog must be avoided.

People in Indiana and elsewhere who have suffered dog attacks — or have a loved one who was attacked — may have to face significant medical expenses. There may also be other losses such as lost income, pain and suffering and even potential future expenses for skin grafts. An experienced premises liability attorney will use his or her knowledge and resources to create a claim for damages. Many of these claims are settled, but a lawyer will be able to take a case to trial if necessary.

Source:, “National Dog Bite Prevention Week draws attention to an increasing problem“, Melissa Crash, Accessed on June 13, 2015

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