Car accidents caused by passing can be deadly

A car accident caused by one car passing another on the roadway has recently taken lives. The Indiana state police indicate two victims died as a result of the crash. Car accidents caused by one car passing another can lead to injuries or death and completely upend the lives of the victims and the families left behind.

The recent accident on an Indiana roadway happened on a Thursday night. A minivan was headed northbound. The minivan attempted to pass a car in front of it and ended up sideswiping the car. This caused that car to lose control and then roll over.

There were two people ejected from inside of the car that was sideswiped and subsequently rolled over. Both of those occupants died from the injuries they received in the car accident. The driver of the minivan that apparently caused the accident needed medical attention for injuries that were reported to be minor.

While there is no news of any charges or citations issued in this case, the families of the victims who lost their lives may have legal options that they can pursue if an investigation concludes the minivan driver was liable or at fault for the accident. Car accidents of this nature, particularly car accidents that take the lives of innocent victims, can create financial chaos on top of the emotional upheaval of losing a loved one. A wrongful death suit filed in an Indiana civil court may be one means of garnering financial damages to alleviate the unexpected financial loss and burden a car accident can create.

Source:, ” 2 killed in car crash on I-65 in northwest Indiana“, Feb. 19, 2016

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