Car accidents involving motorcyclists can be deadly

No two car accidents are the same as the type and size of a vehicle can play a major role in the extent and type of injuries suffered by those involved. Far too often, car accidents involving motorcycles prove to be serious or fatal for the motorcyclists because motorcyclists are more exposed. A bus recently hit a motorcycle in Indiana, and the motorcyclist lost his life in the crash.

The accident occurred as a bus from a camp, filled with campers and counselors, was making a left turn. A motorcycle was traveling south at the same time. The bus hit the motorcycle, and the accident was called in to authorities just after 2 a.m.

The 38-year-old motorcyclist lost his life as a result of the collision. The bus driver and bus occupants were uninjured in the crash. While authorities stated weather may have played a role, possible factors such as alcohol, drugs or speed were being investigated at the time the accident made news. There was also a reconstruction team investigating the accident.

A bus can cause serious injuries as it is larger than most other vehicles on the road. Car accidents of this sort that result in the death of a motorcyclist can be devastating and leave a family with medical bills, funeral costs or other unexpected expenses. The family of the motorcyclist who died in this Indiana crash may have legal recourse to seek monetary damages in a civil court. If successful, those damages could help that family deal with those unexpected expenses as they mourn the loss of their loved one.

Source:, ” Motorcyclist dies in collision with bus“, June 21, 2015

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