Common problems can cause tragic truck accidents in Indiana

Any kind of vehicle collision can spell disaster for innocent drivers and passengers traveling on the roadways. When the situation involves truck accidents, the results can be even more devastating for innocent victims due to the sheer size and force of tractor-trailer trucks traveling on Indiana highways. Despite the unpredictability of truck accidents, there are common reasons or situations that may make a truck accident more likely.

One reason a truck may lose control and wreck into an innocent victim in a car is that trucks sometimes have an unbalanced load. This can lead to swerving and tipping of a truck. Also, when an accident occurs and tipping over of a load results, that in itself can pose a hazard on the road and may endanger people who were not even involved in the original crash.

Another common reason a truck may crash is driver fatigue. While drivers are only supposed to drive for a certain number of hours, some may be tempted by incentives to go above that amount, putting others at risk. Equipment failure can also lead to truck accidents. This can include faulty brakes or improperly maintained tires.

While an accident may not be preventable in every case, truck accidents can be avoided if the above factors are the cause. If you become involved in a truck accident because of a reason that is preventable, or negligent behavior on behalf of the driver or company that maintains the truck is established, you have legal protections in place to ensure that the accident does not affect you financially. Our website has more information about truck accidents in Indiana and the rights of innocent victims.

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