Distracted driving in Indiana can cause car accidents

A split-second reaction to a minor distraction can quickly lead to a car accident. Car accidents caused by these little distractions, such as a spilled drink, can have devastating results, as was the case recently in Indiana. A woman reacting to a spilled drink caused a bus to overturn and injure several of the bus occupants.

The accident involved a high school basketball team bus as they were heading to a game. A woman sideswiped the bus after the drink spilled on her. This caused the bus to flip over on the highway.

According to reports about the accident, between 16 and 25 people suffered injuries, although it is not known if that number includes the car driver or only accounts for the bus occupants. All of the occupants of the bus were transported to a hospital. The coach of the team needed to be airlifted for treatment for injuries. The portion of the highway where the crash occurred was shut down for hours as police investigated the incident.

While there was no mention of any citations or charges against the woman who sideswiped the bus, an investigation may find she was negligent in her actions. If so, the injured victims may have cause to pursue civil action against the woman in an Indiana civil court. When car accidents such as this happen, victims can be left with medical bills, lost wages and the mounting cost of ongoing treatment. A successful personal injury suit can help victims recoup those costs and avoid financial problems after being involved in a car accident.

Source: wgntv.com, ” Several students injured in Indiana bus crash“, Gaynor Hall, March 19, 2016

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