Failure to yield can lead to car accidents in Indiana

Ignoring or failing to follow basic rules of the road can put anyone nearby at risk. Failure to yield is one source of car accidents on Indiana roadways. Depending on the circumstances, these kinds of car accidents can have devastating consequences for others on the road. One recent car accident in Indiana led to injuries for several, and it appears failure to yield may have been the cause.

The accident occurred as a man drove a truck and failed to yield to a van driven by an 80-year-old man. The truck driver was 81 years old. The vehicles collided and a third vehicle swerved to stay clear of debris that fell off the truck. That third vehicle then hit the van.

Both the truck driver and van driver were taken to a nearby hospital for injuries. While the injuries were reported to be internal injuries, the exact condition of the drivers was unknown. A passenger in the van that was hit was air lifted to a hospital for treatment of injuries. The driver of the third vehicle and his passenger were transported to a hospital also, but did not have injuries which were visible.

An investigation of car accidents of this nature can pinpoint culpability and clearly indicate if one party is liable for the aftermath of the accident, including any injuries suffered by people involved. In this case, the injured driver and passenger in the van may have cause to pursue a personal injury suit against the driver who failed to yield. This kind of suit in an Indiana civil court can lead to the awarding of damages that may help the injured victims deal with the financial burden of a car accident.

Source:, ” Three vehicle crash on U.S. 30, 5 hospitalized“, Nov. 24, 2015

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