Indiana car accidents: Biker critically hurt in Hamilton County

Many motor vehicle accidents occur in or near Indiana intersections. When these types of car accidents involve motorcycles, those riding on a motorcycle typically suffer the most serious injuries. Recently, a car and motorcycle collided in an intersection in Noblesville. Several people were injured, including the motorcyclist.

The accident happened as a passenger car was headed westbound. That vehicle apparently pulled out in front of a motorcycle that was headed southbound. The collision occurred around 11 p.m. The intersection is regulated by stop signs on one road and none for the other road. The Honda was traveling on the stretch of road that contains the stop signs.

The motorcyclist was taken by ambulance to a nearby medical facility. That individual was reported to be in critical condition. The 18-year-old Honda driver was also transported by ambulance for treatment of injuries. Two passengers needed medical treatment; one was transported for care and another was treated and released at the scene of the accident. Authorities have said they are unable to rule out intoxication as a possible factor in the car accident.

Car accidents that result in critical injuries can lead to high medical bills, lost wages and other monetary losses for victims. The motorcyclist in this accident may have costly medical care and other financial consequences due to the critical injuries suffered. That individual and the other injured parties may be able to pursue claims for damages in an Indiana civil court by choosing to file personal injury claims against the driver who caused the car accident.

Source:, ” Motorcycle driver critically injured in Noblesville crash“, Sept. 27, 2015

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