Indiana premises liability issues can get complicated

When people mention claims involving slip and fall injuries, they are most likely referring to premises liability cases. However, premises liability litigation in Indiana involves much more than simply slipping and falling in a store. When a preventable accident causes personal injuries on the property of another, grounds may exist for a premises liability lawsuit.

Slip and fall injuries can occur just about anyplace. Slipping on a wet floor in a retail store happens more often than many would like to think. A banister that gives way and causes a fall is another potentially costly source of injury, one which may have been preventable. An unmarked hole in the ground due to construction work can lead to injuries to unsuspecting pedestrians.

Aside from the type of injury, the preventability factor also matters. A business owner or operator of an establishment has the legal obligation to maintain a safe environment and act reasonably to prevent accidents to invitees. For example, if a store or business owner has not cleared the sidewalk or parking lot of ice after a storm and someone is injured, that business or establishment may face claims for financial liability due to any injuries suffered.

The type of injuries and the details of the situation are important components of any premises liability case in Indiana and elsewhere. These claims can be supported by witness statements and/or any other evidence that document exactly what occurred. Our firm has more detailed information online about premises liability situations and injuries that can lead to a successful case in civil court.

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