Know the facts about premises liability claims in Indiana

Many people may already associate premises liability claims with what is referred to as slip and fall injuries. However, these claims can involve a lot more than slipping on a store floor and getting hurt. In Indiana, there are a wide variety of situations that can lead to a premises liability case.

If a store or establishment has the ability and means to protect against a preventable injury, that place has the legal responsibility to enforce those protections. This can mean ensuring an uneven sidewalk is fixed or labeled as broken or uneven. If you break an ankle on an uneven sidewalk, you could have a a viable claim for monetary damages.

Banisters and sidewalks can be the source of injury just as easily as a store floor that is wet without a warning sign. If a banister leading up the stairs — inside or outside — breaks and gives way, an unexpected fall can lead to serious injuries. Also, a single step in a state of disrepair or otherwise unsafe can collapse and also lead to serious injuries.

An accident on the property of another can lead to broken bones, head injuries, concussions or worse. In Indiana, anyone injured in this manner may be able to pursue a civil suit against the establishment owner or person or entity whose responsibility it was to ensure reasonable care and safety were taken. Our website may provide helpful information to guide you through the process and help you understand what may constitute a viable premises liability claim in the state of Indiana.

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