Many factors could contribute to motor vehicle accident occurring

When someone gets onto a bus to be transported from one place to another, they are placing their trust in the hands of the person behind the wheel of the vehicle and the company that runs the transportation business. While often that trust is well placed, there are times when their safety is at risk. Members of the men’s and women’s bowling teams for Indiana Tech learned that first hand earlier this month. The tour bus in which they were riding was involved in a crash.

The vehicle drifted into a grassy median, went back onto the interstate before going down an embankment, spinning around and rolling on its side. In addition, to the members of the bowling teams, the bus was transporting coaches and their spouses.

Though the bus was seriously damaged in the incident, miraculously no one was killed in the incident. That said, 21 people were hurt in the crash. The injuries of two of them were described as serious.

The reason for the single vehicle crash is not yet clear. The driver’s health is being looked into. However, it is possible that the driver suffered cardiac arrest or a stroke. Other things that might be considered include whether the driver was fatigued or if there were mechanical issues with the bus.

If it is determined that the driver had not gotten a sufficient amount of sleep before the incident occurred, or that vehicle maintenance issues were to blame for the crash occurring, it is possible that those who were hurt in the crash could file personal injuries lawsuits against the busing company and the driver. Whether this will happen remains to be seen.

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