How motorcyclists can prepare for themselves for safe riding

As motorcyclists throughout the state of Indiana begin to get their motorcycles out of storage for the season, it is a good time to revisit the subject of motorcycle safety. The weapons safety manager and motorcycle program coordinator for 434th Air Refueling Wing, recently shared risk management tips communicated to members of the Air Force regarding riding safely.

The first thing he recommends is conducting preventative maintenance inspection. While it is always a good idea to do this before heading out or a ride, it is particularly important when it has not been used for a period of time—such as during winter. Cables, mirrors, fluid levels, chain, brakes turn signals and lights should all be inspected both visually as well as operationally.

Next, riders should keep in mind that road conditions may have changed as a result of the winter. The cold temperatures can lead to pot holes and salt and sand may still be on the road. All of these factors can make travelling on these roads more perilous for motorcyclists.

As always, motorcyclists should be aware that they are often not seen by other drivers on the road. To compensate for that, wearing bright colors is a good idea. So too is operating the motorcycle with its lights on and in a defensive manner.

If a crash does occur, being outfitted in a helmet, clothing that covers one’s limbs and boots can help to mitigate the injuries suffered.

Following a motorcycle accident the immediate focus should of course be getting the necessary medical care. Individuals might also want to explore whether legal action is appropriate. A personal injury lawyer can be of assistance with that.

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