Multi-vehicle car accidents difficult to investigate

Not every car accident can be cut and dry to assess. In fact, many multi-vehicle car accidents can be difficult to sort out and assign any kind of culpability. One car accident in Indiana is currently being investigated as there were six vehicles involved.

The multi-vehicle accident happened around 6:30 p.m. on a Saturday evening. According to an initial assessment of the accident, a pickup truck was westbound and hit several cars that were at an intersection. Then, the same pickup truck is believed to have hit another vehicle that was southbound at the time, although there is no word for sure as to what exactly unfolded.

Authorities said a van was pushed over a curb and a red pickup truck was in the center of the intersection when the incident was assessed. Two vehicles were also said to be smashed together in front of a service station. The crash in being investigated, and four people were injured in the melee. There was no word as to exact nature or severity of any injuries suffered.

Once police or investigators get the full scope of what occurred, authorities may be able to definitively assign some form of culpability. The victims in these types of multi-vehicle car accidents may have to deal with mounting and unmanageable medical bills, rehabilitation bills, lost wages and damaged vehicles or property. If a victim pursues a personal injury case in an Indiana court room, that victim may be able to garner damages that will ease the financial strain the car accident and any resulting injuries may have caused.

Source:, ” Four injured in six-car crash in Munster“, July 11, 2015

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