Not slowing for traffic can lead to deadly car accidents

Safely navigating traffic takes attentiveness and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles. When traffic is held up or slow and oncoming drivers do not slow down for that traffic in a timely manner, deadly car accidents are an all too common result. A recent crash on an Indiana Interstate left one child dead and her mom and a baby sibling seriously injured.

Around 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 10, the driver of a pickup truck did not slow down for the traffic on Interstate 70. It struck a car with a 29-year-old mother and her two children inside. Tragically, the crash killed the 3-year-old toddler.

The mother and her surviving 1-year-old baby were airlifted to an area hospital. They were reported to be in critical condition. In all, the crash involved four vehicles, but there was no word as to any other injuries or if the driver who appears to have caused the crash would be cited or charged.

Car accidents that lead to the death of an innocent victim are devastating. The same is true for seriously injured victims who acquire a great deal of medical debt along with a difficult road to recovery. While the first concern is clearly for the well-being of the mother and child struggling to survive, the family is also entitled to pursue options in an Indiana civil court as a means of seeking relief from the financial burdens created by the tragedy. Wrongful death and personal injury claims against the party or parties deemed to have been negligent in a manner that caused the collision may result in monetary judgments for financial losses.

Source:, ” 3-year-old girl dies in I-70 crash in Indiana“, Oct. 11, 2015

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