A number of negligent behaviors can lead to car accidents

While every car accident may be unique, there are often common factors involved when an accident occurs. When those common factors that cause car accidents relate to negligent behavior of a driver or negligence related to the vehicle, anyone injured in a car accident should be aware of his or her rights and legal options. In Indiana, a personal injury suit may be necessary and warranted if a clear act of negligence can be established in a civil court.

Certain risky behaviors can be classic causes of negligent car accidents. Examples of risky behaviors can be if one drive was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, driving while distracted, primarily while talking on the phone or texting, can be a source of negligence on the part of a driver.

A disregard for the rules of the road is just as risky as the above stated reasons for car accidents. This can include failure to stop or obey traffic signs such as yield signs. Driving too fast for the roadway or weather conditions is also a source of car accidents that can result in serious injuries. Improper turns or driving on the wrong side of the road are other common sources of car accidents that can lead to a personal injury suit.

Victims of car accidents caused by the above factors and any other negligent behavior may face a long, expensive road to recovery. Those victims may also suffer financially as they cannot go back to work right away and miss out on much-needed wages. If you are one of those victims in Indiana, a personal injury suit in a civil court may be an option for recouping those monetary damages suffered as a result of someone else’s negligent behavior. Our firm’s website has more information about car accidents and the rights of victims of those accidents.

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