Premises liability can be worse than car crashes

When most people think about devastating or life-changing injuries, their minds may naturally gravitate towards car accidents. However, it may surprise Indiana residents to realize falls related to premises liability situations are the number one cause of injuries. Injuries related to premises liability should be taken seriously and dealt with properly to ensure the best recover and the least amount of financial hardship.

The first step to evaluating if compensation for a slip and fall injury is possible is to understand what constitutes premises liability. Slipping and falling on a floor that is wet or slippery and not properly labeled or being injured by a broken step at a store certainly may be premises liability. However, many may not realize that being bitten by a dog and suffering injuries can also lead to a premises liability case.

A slip and fall premises liability situation can lead to mounting medical bills. Also, recovery time or rehabilitative needs may mean significant time away from work. If the injury has led to the death of a loved one, the costs of a funeral may be financially devastating also.

Premises liability cases can become complex and require outside assistance proving a store or establishment was in the wrong. Also, it may be difficult for some victims in Indiana to express the exact extent of injuries and the life-altering consequences of those injuries. Our firm has more information online about what exactly may constitute premises liability cases and how compensation can help victims get the treatment needed without being financially strained in the process.

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