Premises liability cases in Indiana can be complicated

Slip-and-fall accidents involve a lot more than slipping on wet floors or tripping on uneven surfaces. What is typically referred to as a slip-and-fall situation is actually a premises liability case, which can be extremely complicated. If you fell on another person or business’s property, an understanding of Indiana law is beneficial when determining whether a premises liability case is valid.

Sustaining an injury somewhere other than your home is not enough to make a claim valid. The accident that led to an injury must have been preventable had the owner, manager or other responsible party acted with what is considered an ordinary amount of care. For example, the lack of a sign announcing a wet floor can lead to injuries. Neglecting to remove dangerous ice or snow within a reasonable amount of time after a storm can also be shown as negligence on the part of a property or business owner.

There are other situations that constitute premises liability that are not necessarily slip-and-fall accidents. If equipment, such as an elevator door, malfunctions and you are hurt that may be premises liability, depending on the cause of the malfunction. If stairs collapse and you suffer a head injury or if you are bit by an animal, those may also be cases for premises liability.

When you are injured due to the recklessness or carelessness of another, you may face expensive medical bills and long-lasting injuries that require long-term care. By filing a premises liability claim in an Indiana civil court, you may be awarded compensation for your injury that will cover related expenses. If you would like more information on premises liability, you can visit our website.

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