Spring weather may pose treacherous driving conditions too

With winter finally on its way out in the state of Indiana, many may think that they do not need to be as careful while driving as they were during the winter months. The reality, however, is that though driving conditions are different in the spring months, driving in wet conditions can still be treacherous and lead to car accidents. To help keep such incidents to a minimum there are things that drivers can do.

The first is watch for hazards on the road such as potholes. Following a cycle of freezing and thawing in the winter potholes will appear. Sometimes they can be quite large and inflict serious damage to vehicles or even cause them to be involved in a collision.

Second, know how to respond should your car begin to skid. In addition to not panicking, do not slam on the brakes. As the car travels steer the vehicle into the direction you are seeking to go. Skidding could occur in hydroplaning situations.

Next, ensuring that there is a sufficient distance between your car and those travelling along side yours is a good idea. While the distance should be how long it takes to count to two in good weather, in rainy weather it increases to 4. When it is snowing, it increases even more, to 10 seconds.

Car accidents are a common occurrence on roads throughout the state of Indiana. When they do occur the injured individuals might decide to file a personal injury lawsuit to try to secure compensation for the injuries.

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