Stopped traffic causes car accidents in Indiana

When traffic is stopped in lanes of the road for any length of time, extra awareness by all drivers on the road is required. Car accidents may result if just one driver is unaware of stopped traffic or unable to slow down in time. A similar situation recently unfolded on an Indiana highway and caused a road closure, along with injuries to a driver who was stopped in traffic.

The car accident happened as traffic was stopped by a construction zone for an unknown reason. A dump truck came along and could not stop in time. It collided with a car that was stopped. The car was then propelled into another vehicle. Debris from the collisions hit yet another vehicle, causing further damage.

The driver of the first car hit was injured. That driver needed to be taken from the scene by air for medical attention. The nature and extent of the injuries suffered were not reported. No one else was injured in the multi-vehicle collision.

Car accidents of this type typically result in an investigation in order to establish any culpability and if any traffic citations are warranted. Regardless, the driver who was injured retains the option to pursue a claim for damages in an Indiana civil court. A personal injury lawsuit may be filed against the truck driver and that driver’s employer. In situations such as this, any damages awarded could be helpful as injured parties contend with medical bills, lost wages and other financial losses related to a serious car accident.

Source:, “One person air-lifted from four car crash in Johnson County“, Bill Remeika, Dec. 10, 2015

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