Students injured when stage collapsed during performance

People are injured everyday throughout the country. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an injury it is possible that legal action could be taken against those whose negligence contributed to the accident occurring. This is true regardless of where the incident occurred— even if it happens at a school.

The parents of some Indiana teens may be looking into pursuing this route. Seventeen high school students were hurt when the orchestra pit cover they were performing on collapsed. It sent the students falling into the orchestra pit.

Prior to the incident the original orchestra pit was removed. Someone who worked at the school then purchased materials and made a new one. A header that was a part of the new cover was not secured the way it needed to be to the stage. In addition, the metal supports it needed to hold it up were not used.

Some of the students’ injuries were characterized as serious though specifics are not clear. It is known however that all but one have returned to school.

As a result of the incident the district has indicated that it will regularly inspect the stage. In addition, modifications made to it will need to be accompanied by approval from an administrator. The school is exploring reinstalling the orchestra pit that was previously there.

Whether any lawsuits will be forthcoming remains to be seen. It is possible that the parents of the students could pursue personal injury lawsuits against the district. If successful such a claim could help to cover the costs associated with the injury.

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