Truck accidents can cause injuries on Indiana roadways

When drivers come upon stopped or slowed traffic on the road, quick reaction may be needed to avoid an accident. Truck accidents in particular can be devastating and lead to injuries due to the sheer size of trucks on the road compared to the other vehicles that share those roadways. One recent truck accident in Indiana led to injuries for two people in another vehicle.

The accident took place on a stretch of road on a Saturday morning. There was slowed or stopped traffic on the roadway when a Freightliner driven by a 26-year-old came upon the scene. The Freightliner hit a car with a driver and passenger.

The car that was rear-ended was a four-door Mazda. Both people inside who were injured were 23 years old. One was taken to a nearby hospital while the second injured passenger was lifelined to a hospital in Indianapolis. There was no word as to any citations or charges against the driver of the truck that hit the Mazda. There was also no word as to the extent of the injuries suffered by the women.

Often in cases where truck accidents involve a truck rear-ending a car, there are legal options for anyone injured in the vehicle that was hit. Personal injury suits filed in an Indiana civil court may help the victims of such truck accidents garner monetary damages. Those monetary damages may be necessary as a victim faces medical bills, rehabilitative costs or the financial impact of lost wages while a victim is in the process of recovering.

Source:, ” 2 sent to hospital after detour crash“, Joseph Paul, Aug. 11, 2015

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