Truck accidents can be the result of violations

Not every accident can be chalked up to chance or inevitability. Some accidents can be prevented if those believed responsible take care to obey the rules of the road. Many truck accidents in Indiana are caused by specific violations on the part of the trucking company, drivers or other entities. While there are strict laws and regulations regarding the trucking industry, when a violation has led to an accident, accident victims may benefit from gaining an understanding of their legal rights.

One violation that can easily lead to an accident is a load problem. Trucks can only carry certain size loads. If a load is too much weight, the truck can tip and an accident can occur. Unbalanced loads often lead to the same result. In fact, if a truck tips due to a load issue, the spilled cargo can also be a source of injury.

Trucks must be properly maintained. This maintenance is strictly regulated. If safety equipment is missing or a truck is not maintained properly, that vehicle can be moving hazard and put everyone on or near the road at risk. Driver error can also be to blame. If a driver is fatigued or driving more than trucking regulations permit, that driver and the driver’s employer can be held liable for monetary damages that result.

Truck accidents, even minor ones, can cause devastating injuries and damage to innocent victims. Those victims, through no fault of their own, can incur significant medical bills, lost wages and need on-going care for years. If you have been involved in a truck accident in Indiana, our website provides important information about what you can do and what resources are available.

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