Truck accidents in Indiana can be the result of a few factors

While any type of motor vehicle accident can be potentially dangerous for the victims involved, truck accidents can be especially devastating. They often result in serious injuries and/or fatalities. The sheer size of trucks on Indiana roads make these collisions more dangerous overall. However, vehicle size is not the only factor that can contribute to truck accidents.

Issues involving the truck itself are common. The balance of the load can be a major factor in the safe operation of a truck on the highway. Badly loaded or overloaded trucks can overturn, even if a driver is trying his or her best to operate the truck in the midst of traffic. Defective truck parts create potentially disastrous situations for anyone on or near the road.

Even if the truck is properly loaded, driver negligence or recklessness may cause an accident. Truck driver fatigue is a significant concern on Indiana roadways. The use of drugs and/or alcohol is also responsible for a significant number of tragedies.

Truck accidents can leave innocent motorists and passengers at the mercy of insurance and trucking companies as those victims incur medical bills and other accident-related damages. The pursuit of a personal injury lawsuit against a driver and/or trucking company may be a viable option for Indiana victims who have to shoulder these unexpected expenses and injuries. A successfully presented claim can lead to an award of damages to cover those costs. In those instances where an accident victim is killed, a wrongful death claim may be filed by surviving family members.

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