Weather-related car accidents can lead to fatalities in Indiana

When weather conditions make the roadways more treacherous, drivers must use extra caution in order to avoid collisions. Car accidents that do occur when bad weather hits Indiana can prove to be fatal, as was the case recently. A teenage passenger lost her life on a stretch of state highway.

The accident occurred on a Saturday afternoon. An 18-year-old was driving east when the slick and slushy roads led him to lose control of the car. It spun and went across the center line, where it ended up striking a bucket truck.

A 17-year-old passenger in the car died at the scene of the crash. The car driver and the driver of the truck were both treated at a nearby hospital for injuries. There was no specific word as to the nature or seriousness of either driver’s injuries.

The family of the girl who died in this car accident may have to contend with much more than the emotional grief that fatal car accidents typically cause for the families left behind. They may also have to deal with the financial strain of such an accident, such as funeral costs and other financial losses. Those who lose a loved one in a car accident in Indiana may be able to pursue relief from any financial strain by bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against the party or parties deemed responsible for causing the accident and death that resulted. To prevail, it will be necessary to establish that the party sued was negligent in a way that either caused the fatal crash or materially contributed to it.

Source:, ” 17-year-old girl killed in Delaware County crash after driver loses control in snowy weather“, Kylee Wierks, Nov. 21, 2015

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