Weather, road conditions can lead to multi-vehicle car accidents

The weather can certainly factor into a car accident. However, when drivers take weather and road hazards into consideration and take proper precautions, travel can be safe in winter or on slick roads. Despite safety precautions, some car accidents can still occur and innocent victims may find their lives upended because of the recklessness or carelessness of others. A recent multi-vehicle accident in Indiana highlights just how devastating this kind of car accident can be.

The police were called to respond to a vehicle accident in the afternoon. There ended up being approximately 40 vehicles involved along a two-mile stretch of the highway. There were over 30 people injured enough to warrant treatment and transportation to local hospitals in the area.

There was a wide range of injuries reported with one of the most severe being a person who needed to be extricated from a vehicle as that person had suffered a broken leg. The roadway was closed down while the accident was cleared by authorities. It opened after 6 p.m. Authorities issued a tip for drivers asking travelers to reduce speed and leave a safe amount of room between vehicles to accommodate for the road and weather conditions.

It may be difficult at first to determine who can be at fault when multi-vehicle car accidents occur on Indiana roadways. An investigation into the accident may help determine culpability and liability of any at-fault parties. Once there is some percentage of liability discovered and documented, injured victims can weigh options, such as a pursuing a personal injury suit as a means of garnering compensation for the financial losses suffered as a result of being a victim in the car accident.

Source:, ” Thirty people injured in 40-car crash in Boone County“, Kylee Wierks, Feb. 14, 2016

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