Insurance Coverage

Protecting Your Rights To Insurance Recovery In Evansville, Indiana

When an insurance company refuses to pay benefits that you are entitled to receive under a policy you have paid for, Barsumian Law can help you collect what is rightly owed to you. Attorney Todd Barsumian, having previously represented insurance companies for more than 10 years, offers practical, experienced advice in dealing with insurers.

Help When The Insurance Company Doesn't Follow Through

When you have reliably paid all the premiums due on an auto, home, health or business insurance policy, you are entitled to expect that the insurer will be there for you when you file a legitimate claim. But policyholders sometimes find that at their time of need — perhaps after an auto accident or when a storm or fire damages their home — their insurance company invokes a policy exclusion to get out of paying or refuses to pay what is fair under the underinsured or uninsured provisions of your automobile policy.

At that point you need an experienced attorney to present your case. After an insurer has decided to decline payment on a policyholder's claim, it is unlikely to reverse itself when the policyholder objects.

Attorney Todd Barsumian, with his extensive experience representing insurers in these cases, knows the appropriate grounds upon which an insurance company can and cannot refuse to pay on a policy claim, and how to persuasively present your claim to your insurer. If necessary, he can sue the insurer on your behalf in court to obtain the benefit they promised and owed to you.

Barsumian Law represents clients who have been denied insurance coverage under policies written for:

  • Auto insurance — for liability, underinsured and uninsured coverage
  • Homeowners insurance — for damage caused by fire, storm or flood; liability for injury to visitors; theft of valuables
  • Health insurance — for medical expenses
  • Business policies — advertising injury, business interruption insurance, theft, liability to visitors, and other liabilities
Preventing The Problem

The best way to handle a declined coverage dispute is to prevent it. If you anticipate that there may be a problem with an insurance claim you are making, consult with an attorney as soon as possible, before events lead the insurer to reject the claim.

Barsumian Law can ensure that your claim is processed as smoothly and quickly as possible by:

  • Promptly securing evidence and statements of witnesses
  • Presenting the claim persuasively to the insurer
  • Dealing with the insurer for you — eliminating the risk that an ambiguous statement by you will be misconstrued as an admission or other error that would compromise your claim
  • Negotiating with the insurer on your behalf
  • Making the insurer realize that you are willing to take them to court to secure your rights

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