Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Newburgh Injury Lawyer Battling Nursing Home Negligence

"A business entrusted with the care of vulnerable loved ones should not betray that trust by allowing them to be abused and neglected on their watch."
- Todd Barsumian

It is not easy to place a loved one in the care of strangers. Families research nursing homes and assisted living centers with great care to ensure their loved one is in a safe, attentive place. Despite these efforts, parents, grandparents and disabled family members are sometimes mistreated causing serious injury or death. When this happens, it is your right to contact a nursing home neglect attorney about filing a negligence or medical malpractice claim for compensation.

Nursing Home Injuries Come In Many Forms

Barsumian Law considers cases of nursing home negligence or malpractice resulting in serious injury or death arising from a variety of circumstances.

  • A resident suffers acute dehydration and malnourishment without explanation.
  • A patient is placed on nephrotoxic antibiotics without staff monitoring kidney function, resulting in acute renal failure.
  • A patient without skin issues is admitted to the home’s care, but develops bedsores or, if minor skin issues existed upon admission, there is a significant worsening of the skin condition.
  • The wrong medications, or the wrong doses, are administered causing complications in a patient predisposed to bleeding.
  • Staff or other residents physically or sexually abuse a patient.
  • The facility fails to complete a proper fall hazard analysis or fails to take the proper precautions after completing such an analysis.
  • An immobile resident is placed too close to the edge of her air mattress or the mattress pressure is not monitored, resulting in a severe fall.
  • Bed and chair alarms are ordered for a resident, but never used.
  • Staff raises bed rails for a patient who is too weak to escape, leading to the resident becoming trapped and suffocating.
  • Although bed rails are ordered for a resident, the bed rails are left down, resulting in a fall and broken arm, shoulder, hip or skull fracture.
  • A patient’s complaints of pain are ignored and the patient develops sepsis from an undiagnosed, serious medical condition.
  • Staff fails to run essential labs ordered by the nursing home physician.

Below is a chart Todd created from his client’s records and utilized to demonstrate how the resident had been severely dehydrated while under the nursing home’s care according to its own data:

Fluid Intake Record Chart

Todd uses these and other methods to present a persuasive case when—as is often the case in the mistreated elderly—the patient dies from the facility’s negligence or is unable to communicate their mistreatment. Attorney Todd Barsumian can help families seek to right these wrongs through a civil remedy through an injury or wrongful death lawsuit. If he accepts your case, he will strive to ensure that the injured patient is compensated for this abuse and neglect.

Serving Families in Indiana and Kentucky

If he accepts your nursing home case, Mr. Barsumian will strive to present the case in a clear and concise manner so that the provider understands the alleged breach of care. He will gather records and evidence indicating the extent of the neglectful action and look for contradictions suggestive of a coverup. He can take the testimony of caregivers to pinpoint the failures and attempt to learn whether the same failures have plagued others.

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse often leads to a wrongful death claim. If he takes the case, he can help open an estate to pursue a claim through the personal representative.

You are invited to contact personal injury lawyer Todd Barsumian to discuss the circumstances of nursing home abuse and neglect scenario to learn more about your legal rights and options. Call Barsumian Law in Newburgh at (812) 490-0820 or at (317) 644-6975.