Personal Injury

An Evansville Lawyer Who Takes Your Injury Personally

"I know how insurance companies think, because they used to hire me to defend the insured party who caused the accident in court."
- Todd Barsumian

Innovative, Personalized And Experienced Legal Representation

One of the oldest concepts in law is that people who cause harm to another may be called to account. If you are injured because someone is negligent — the other driver, the maker of the radial tire, the surgeon who was careless with the scalpel — you can file a suit against that person or organization to recover your financial losses and compensate your pain and suffering.

Barsumian Law files lawsuits for compensation in these and other personal injury situations:

You sometimes hear complaints that there are too many lawsuits, but those complaints usually come from insurance companies, which have contracted to pay for the damages their policyholders cause. Insurance companies also hire lobbyists who they pay to influence legislators to pass laws favorable to them.

Although frivolous lawsuits do get filed, there are plenty of protections already in place to prevent such abuses. Unfortunately, the media often distorts legitimate cases without knowing all of the facts, leaving the impression that filing a lawsuit is akin to buying a lottery ticket.

Your Constitutional Right To Seek Justice

Our Constitution promises the courts will remain open to ordinary citizens and that they will be entitled to a trial by a jury of their peers. In fact, without the right to sue after you have suffered a major loss due to negligence, you would have no legal recourse whatsoever.

If you know that you have been seriously injured, but hesitate to seek legal representation for fear of being branded by others as "litigious" or "lawsuit happy," your feelings are not unusual. You should speak with a lawyer about your concerns and what your rights are under the law.

Barsumian Law of Newburgh is a leader in personal injury work in Warrick and Vanderburgh counties. Lawyer Todd Barsumian has been honored by his peers for his work. Most of all, he is appreciated by clients who come to him in bad shape, seeking relief from the expenses that pile up following an injury or death of a family member.

Helping The Injured Recover In The Evansville, Indiana, Area

It is important to meet with a personal injury attorney as soon after an accident as possible. Your injury must be documented, evidence and the names of witnesses must be secured, and communication must be made with insurers and other parties.

Delay — and ambiguous or erroneous statements to insurers or others, made before you receive legal advice — may compromise your case.

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