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Personal Injury

Indianapolis and Evansville Personal Injury Lawyers Who Takes Your Case Personally

"I know how insurance companies think, because they once hired me to defend the insured party who caused the accident in court."
- Todd Barsumian

Accountability and Legal Representation

One of the oldest concepts in law is that people who cause harm to another may be called to account and compensate the injured party for their losses. Our Evansville and Indianapolis injury attorneys help individuals and families seek accountability with legal representation. While no amount of money will change what happened, whether a serious injury or death, money is what our legal system, in our civilized society, uses to redress wrongs. Tort law serves to prevent private, physical disputes, furthers safety in our community, and make the party responsible for the harm economically accountable for the losses occasioned by their negligence.

Barsumian Armiger Injury Lawyers is a full-service personal injury law firm handling a wide variety of personal injury cases in Indiana, including the following types of cases:

You sometimes hear complaints that there are too many lawsuits, but those complaints usually come from insurance companies, which have contracted to pay for the damages their policyholders cause. Insurance companies also hire lobbyists who they pay to influence legislators to pass laws favorable to them.

Although frivolous lawsuits do get filed, there are plenty of protections already in place to prevent such abuses. Unfortunately, the media often distorts legitimate cases without knowing all of the facts, leaving the impression that filing a lawsuit is akin to buying a lottery ticket.

Your Constitutional Right To Seek Justice

Our Constitution promises the courts will remain open to ordinary citizens and that they will be entitled to a trial by a jury of their peers. Without the right to sue others in court for injuries and damages after suffering a loss as a result of another's negligent or careless conduct, you would have no legal recourse whatsoever.

If you have been seriously injured but hesitate to seek legal representation due to a fear of being branded by others as "litigious" or "lawsuit happy," your feelings are not unusual. We understand that most of our clients have not had, and do not want to have, experience with lawsuits and with the legal system. However, there's a reason we have insurance. When you or a family member get ill, go to the doctor, or to the hospital, and when you have health insurance coverage, you submit a claim. Personal injury lawsuits are in many respects no different. You are merely submitting a claim for an insured injury. By submitting your claim, you are merely asking the insurance company to assume the risk they agreed to when they chose to write the other person or business' policy of insurance. In doing so, they become contractually obligated to reimburse or indemnify their insured a verdict for which a judge or jury decides they are legally responsible. When cases settle before going before a judge or jury, the insurance company is assuming that there would have been a verdict within the range of the settlement. When there is a strong difference of opinion as to the value or legal responsibility or liability for the insured's action, a case may go to trial. This is our system of justice and it works.

A large part of what we do as personal injury attorneys is dealing with insurance companies, including liability and medical insurers. Insurance companies charge premiums and provide insurance coverage to compensate victims who have suffered personal injuries as a result of another's negligence. They make billions in profits. They have contracted to pay for the damages their policyholders caused and they hire lobbyists who they pay to influence legislators to pass laws favorable to them, making their policies even more profitable. Although unmeritorious lawsuits do sometimes get filed, there are plenty of protections in place to prevent such abuses, and our clients want justice, not a lottery ticket. They would not trade being unable to walk or suffering an amputation, or the death of a loved one, for any amount of money. But that is all they have to right the wrong. Unfortunately, the media, interest groups and insurance companies often distort legitimate cases without knowing all of the facts. And you won't see many stories on the nightly news about the cases where the injured do not make a recovery, because it does not further their cause of making people believe we have an out-of-control legal system when nothing could be further from the truth.

Evansville and Indianapolis Injury Lawyers Helping the Injured Recover

Barsumian Armiger Injury Lawyers of Newburgh, Evansville and Fishers is proud to represent injured individuals and families in Indiana in personal injury cases. We believe to be the best injury lawyer for a client, a lawyer must do more than move a case along. Rather, we believe that lawyer must seek to understand how the injured individual and their family has been physically, emotionally, and economically harmed in all aspects of their life. The lawyers at Barsumian Armiger Injury Lawyers have been recognized by their peers and various organizations for their work. They are appreciated by clients who they have assisted through the legal process answering their questions and comforting their fears. It is important to contact or meet with a personal injury attorney as soon after an accident as possible. Your injury must be documented, evidence and the names of witnesses must be secured, and communication must be made with insurers and other parties.

Delay — and ambiguous or erroneous statements to insurers or others, made before you receive legal advice — may compromise your case. Contact the experienced injury attorneys at Barsumian Armiger Injury Lawyers for a free consultation about your injury case at (812) 490-0820 or at (317) 644-6975 or write us a simple summary of your case using this email form.

Client Reviews
He went beyond the scope to investigate certain details that ended up being crucial, that had been missed by all others who had worked on this case prior. It is not possible to give a high enough commendation to him. We could not have asked for more capable hands to be in. If a reason to need counsel presents itself in the future, we will have to look no further than his office. If you are reading this review, you have found your lawyer! Shelie
Todd worked on a personal injury case for my family, walking us through all the legal jargon and process. We were very worried about everything, and his personal style and professionalism helped us through an extremely difficult time. Todd's integrity is beyond reproach. Anonymous
Todd is an amazing attorney and an even better person. He went above and beyond to help us win our case. We had obstacle after obstacle and he never slowed down in working for us! There is no question, if we never needed an attorney again, he will be our go to guy!! Kayla