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Episode 5 – Product Liability Claims

Evansville-area attorney Todd Barsumian explains the type of product liability claims pursued by product liability attorneys in this episode of the Barsumian Injury Law Podcast. The basic premise of product liability actions is that manufacturers should be held responsible for injuries caused as a result of unreasonably dangerous and defective products they put into the stream of commerce.

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Episode 4 - Premises Liability Claims

Evansville-area attorney Todd Barsumian explains premises liability claims in this episode of the Barsumian Armiger Podcast.  Premises Liability involves the duty property owners owe to the people they invite onto their property.  This often involves the liability of business or store owners when a customer or visitor sustains an injury. 

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 Episode 3 - Meet Attorney Jonathan Armiger

Today, Indianapolis-area personal injury attorney Jonathan Armiger discusses his background and the cases he pursues on behalf of his clients. He’s an attorney with Barsumian Armiger, which serves clients in Indiana and Kentucky. Jonathan is licensed to practice law in Indiana.

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Episode 2 – Medical Malpractice Cases

Today, Evansville personal injury attorney Todd Barsumian discusses the complexities of handling medical malpractice cases. These cases require extensive litigation experience, the ability to effectively question medical experts and the ability to understand medical procedures and standards of care. They are some of the most challenging cases any attorney will encounter.

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Episode 1 – Introduction

In this introduction to his new podcast, Evansville area personal injury attorney Todd Barsumian provides some background information about his connections to the Newburgh-Evansville area, his personal injury law firm and the types of cases he handles for people in both Indiana and Kentucky.

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We’re Launching a Podcast

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Barsumian Armiger Podcast. Evansville-area attorney Todd Barsumian has handled car wrecks, motorcycle accidents, trucking collisions and medical malpractice cases for over 20 years.

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Client Reviews
He went beyond the scope to investigate certain details that ended up being crucial, that had been missed by all others who had worked on this case prior. It is not possible to give a high enough commendation to him. We could not have asked for more capable hands to be in. If a reason to need counsel presents itself in the future, we will have to look no further than his office. If you are reading this review, you have found your lawyer! Shelie
Todd worked on a personal injury case for my family, walking us through all the legal jargon and process. We were very worried about everything, and his personal style and professionalism helped us through an extremely difficult time. Todd's integrity is beyond reproach. Anonymous
Todd is an amazing attorney and an even better person. He went above and beyond to help us win our case. We had obstacle after obstacle and he never slowed down in working for us! There is no question, if we never needed an attorney again, he will be our go to guy!! Kayla