Products Liability

Evansville Product Liability Lawyer: When Defective Products Ruin Lives

"We buy products under the assumption that they will not cause us to go to the hospital or die. Unfortunately, this assumption is often misplaced."
- Todd Barsumian

When people are injured or killed because of defective or dangerous products, it is appropriate to consider filing a claim for damages. Product liability suits can involve a wide variety of products: automotive parts such as brakes and air bags, household products such as power tools and appliances, medical devices, construction and industrial machinery, and harmful drugs and pharmaceuticals.

The defect that causes an accident is generally one of three types:

  • Defects in manufacturing, such as a new tire whose tread separates, causing a blowout

  • Defects in design, where a product is unfit for use even when it is made correctly, such as a car that bursts into flames when rear-ended

  • Defects in communication, meaning the failure to provide adequate product warnings or instructions for safe use

Barsumian Law represents injured people and surviving family members seeking compensation for injuries caused by products in any of these three categories. In egregious cases, we seek punitive damages as well as compensatory damages.

Attorney Todd Barsumian has extensive experience on both sides of product liability law. As a plaintiff's attorney, he represented a severely injured child in a case that prompted a national recall of a product purchased off the shelf of a tri-state retailer. As a defense lawyer, he defended businesses against product liability claims, work which gave him special insight into this area.

Mr. Barsumian is a former chair of the product liability section of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana. As a former corporate attorney, he was often consulted by businesses about product safety concerns, helping them avoid product liability risks. He now utilizes his experience to help consumers who have been harmed by businesses that fail to address safety risks.

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