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Semi-trucks traveling down the highway may have a difficult time coming to a stop if those trucks encounter stopped traffic. If truck accidents occur and several vehicles are hit as a result of a large truck not being able to stop in time, injuries can be extensive. An Indiana highway recently became the scene of a truck accident that involved other vehicles and left several injured.

The accident occurred one late afternoon as a semi-truck was headed north. The truck driver said he could not stop in time to avoid traffic that had stopped in front of him. He first hit Pontiac, which spun around and ended up in the emergency lane. The semi-truck then struck a GMC Yukon, pushing it into a ditch, followed by a Nissan sedan, which was pushed into the rear of a Toyota SUV and a box truck. The Nissan ended up being wedged underneath the box truck.

The semi-truck driver was taken to a medical center for a hand injury. The Pontiac driver needed to be transported by helicopter and had head and leg injuries. The Nissan driver was transported to another hospital with internal injuries. Occupants of the other vehicles were either uninjured or suffered only minor injuries. The road was closed down for hours as result of the accident.

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