High speed rear-end car accidents can be devastating

It goes without saying that if a car accident is the result of high speed, there may be a great deal of damage and potentially more injuries than if each vehicle was abiding by the speed limit. Car accidents of this nature, where high speed is a factor, may lead to criminal citations and possibly civil action in Indiana. One recent Friday morning car accident in Indiana involved two vehicles, and high speed was cited as a possible cause.

The incident unfolded as a 42-year-old was driving a Ford southbound. A 20-year-old driver was driving a Chrysler southbound, also. That Chrysler was reportedly driving too fast and rear-ended the Ford.

The Chrysler driver was ejected from the car and was reported to have life-threatening injuries. He was not wearing a seat belt. The driver who was hit from behind, and who was wearing a seat belt, was also transported to an area hospital for treatment of injuries. That driver was later transported to a different hospital.

The driver who apparently caused this car accident was cited for reckless driving with injuries and also following a vehicle too closely. Car accidents that lead to these types of citations may also open the door to a personal injury suit, if the person injured by another person’s recklessness chooses to pursue civil action in an Indiana civil court. This legal option can result in the awarding of monetary damages that could help injured victims as they deal with mounting medical bills, lost wages or other monetary losses suffered as a result of a car accident.

Source: kokomotribune.com, “Two Injured in Tipton County crash“, Jan. 22, 2016

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