Leaving a lane can cause car accidents in Indiana

Abiding by the rules of the road and staying in the correct lane of traffic is vital to the safety of everyone on the road. When one driver drifts or enters the opposite lane of traffic, car accidents can easily occur and result in injuries, or worse. A car accident in Indiana recently left several injured and appears to have been caused by one person who left her lane.

The accident happened on a Saturday afternoon. A couple, both 76 years old, was travelling east on an Indiana road. Another car was coming their way. That car went left of the center line and hit their vehicle. According to police reports, that driver said she went out of her lane to avoid a vehicle in front of her that was in the process of turning at the time.

That 25-year-old driver was taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries she sustained in the crash. The elderly couple she hit was also transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries they suffered. The exact nature and seriousness of the injuries suffered was not yet reported. It was also not reported whether or not the other driver would face any traffic citations or charges.

When people are injured in car accidents that result from another person’s recklessness or negligent action, those victims may have legal options of which they may be unaware. In a case such as this Indiana car accident, the elderly couple may be able to pursue a personal injury suit against the driver. By doing so, that couple may garner much-needed monetary damages that could alleviate any financial strain created by the accident.

Source: pal-item.com, ” Union Co. couple injured in 2-car crash“, Pam Tharp, Jan. 10, 2016

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